Why Morvillo?

Precious Metals Specialization

Exclusive focus on precious metals—that is all that we do. Precious metals have been our exclusive focus since the company was founded in 1890. Why trust metals/materials generalists when you can work with a precious metals specialist?

 Value-Adding Capabilities and Services

  • An experienced team of precious metal experts to support you on alloy development, product design, engineering, and fabrication.
  • A comprehensive Metals Management Program including just-in-time stocking and scrap recycling that enhances your supply chain “from Melt to Market.”

Superior Speed and Customer Service

  • Expedited quoting
  • Best in class lead times
  • Lower minimum order quantities
  • A documented record of customer satisfaction: 95.5% of customers report they would recommend Morvillo Precision Products to a peer. (Ask for details of our 2015 Customer Satisfaction Study.)
  • Immediate access to bullion and in-house capabilities (such as on-site tool making) enable us to meet your needs faster.

Precision Quality

  • Morvillo’s vertically-integrated operation is contained under one roof in our 90,000 square foot facility in Providence, RI. We control entire the production process. In-house, under one roof.
  • Our 125-employee company has a family culture and flat organization structure maximizes internal communication and helps us get your order right the first time.
  • Our process creates consistent temper levels throughout the product:
    • We eliminate porosity by attaining maximum density.
    • We provide materials with ideal grain size and orientation.
    • We create materials with tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness.