What are your  delivery lead times? 

  • Same day or up to two days on casting grain.
  • One week for standard karat gold materials (strip, sheet, wire and rod).
  • Two weeks for silver materials (strip, sheet, wire and rod).
  • Three weeks for gold filled products.
  • Three to four weeks on PGM materials (strip, sheet, and wire).

What are your standard payment terms?

They are 30 days from date of invoice. Please refer to our detail terms of trade.


How quickly can I get a quote and know my cost?

Our goal is to provide product quotes within 24 hours but may take up to two days. Material costs are determined by taking  product  weights multiplied by the fabrication charge and surcharge included in the quote. If you would like a simple Cost Calculator could be included with the quote upon request.


Do you offer refining services?

We do recycle clean customer scrap and provide a quick turnaround credit within a day. We are not a full service refinery.


Are your metals Responsible Metals?

  • We rely upon a supply chain with full traceability.
  • We follow Anti Money Laundering– Combating the Financing of Terrorism policy guidelines.
  • We only accept gold from refiners on the LBMA good delivery list.
  • Metals are sourced from suppliers that respect and legally abide by basic human rights and laws.

Do you conduct business on a tolling arrangement and as well sell metal with purchase of product?

Most of our business today is conducted on a tolling basis. We also sell our products on an outright basis inclusive of metal value with labor charge. Please see our credit application form.