Todd Morvillo


Todd Morvillo, President of Morvillo Precision Products, has held this position since 2013. Previously, he was president of Morvillo and Sons Inc. since 1994.

Todd is a fifth-generation Morvillo working with precious metals in the United States, with a family history of metals and materials dating back generations in Europe. Since graduating from the University of Rhode Island in 1994, Mr. Morvillo has held responsibility for all facets of the Morvillo business.

In addition to being Morvillo's president, Todd is an active investor and board member at Alloy Holdings. He also serves on its Acquisition and Integration Teams, most recently contributing to the acquisition of Checon Corporation, North America's largest silver-based electrical contact manufacturer.

His career focus and passion have been on strategy, positioning, and recruiting talent to execute. Under Todd's leadership, Morvillo Precision Products has transitioned from a regional precious metal producer into the most diversified precious metals producer in the United States, providing mission-specific precision materials used in critical applications.

Todd has been recognized and quoted in the Providence Journal and other national and local publications for recognition of his charitable work, including fabricating "Silver Angels" ornaments for 9/11 First Responders' victims' families from the silver recovered at the World Trade Center site.  These ornaments adorned the White House Christmas tree the same year they were presented.

Todd resides with his wife and daughters in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, boating, and fishing. He is an auto enthusiast with an interest in Formula One Motorsports.